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Friday, June 22, 2012

RAW-inspired science fiction novel

Joe Tripician, an American author who lives in Brazil,  has written to me to tell me about his Robert Anton Wilson-inspired science fiction novel, Immortality Wars. I plan to read it soon, once I finish my current immersion in sixth century Byzantine history, but in the meantime, here is a description that Mr. Tripician provided me:

Private Detective Harry Tidbit is hired to save the State from terrorist attacks when he learns that his employers have plans to kill him, along with an entire generation of new immortals.

With help from an emergent intelligence, Harry repels the assaults, and perfects mind upload as a cure for his brother's terminal illness. But when competing factions vie to claim his discovery, Harry becomes their prime target.

Harry eventually receives help from a renegade Native American named "Bobby Ann Wilson", a character directly inspired by RAW, with whom the author shared many pleasant memories.

"Immortality Wars" paints a wicked portrait of the near-future, one where technology’s goals require wars to bring them to creation. In this world human ingenuity is a saving grace, and immortality is not necessarily forever.

Here is  Mr. Tripician's  rather interesting Amazon biography:

Joe Tripician is an award-winning Producer/Writer/Director and Playwright. His work has been broadcast on Network and Cable television across America, Europe and Japan, and has shown at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Joe received his first EMMY award for the documentary "Metaphoria" broadcast in the US on PBS in 1991.

Joe's humor book, "The Official Alien Abductee's Handbook", was published by Andrews and McMeel in 1997. Author and Futurist Robert Anton Wilson called it: "The funniest book I've read since the Warren Report." Famed scientist John C. Lilly said: "Joe Tripician has achieved the impossible: a truly funny book on alien abductions." 

In 1996 Joe wrote, recorded and performed an alien song ("Ozark Melody") with the legendary Jeff Buckley along with musical partner Frederick Reed.

In May of 2002, Joe performed in his one-man play, "Balkanized at Sunrise", based on his 1997 trip to the Balkans. His Balkan journey began when the Croatian government hired him to write an official biography of their president. Much hilarity ensured. 

Joe spends his time between New York and Brazil with his wife and two daughters, who do most of the translating for him. 

Connect with Joe Tripician:


Get "Balkanized at Sunrise" on Amazon Kindle:

NOTE: I originally called Mr. Tripician a Brazlian author, and he has clarified for me that he is an American who lives in Brazil. I therefore corrected the original posting.

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