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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New RAW article published

Quackenbush unearths and publishes a major Robert Anton Wilson essay from 1971, "Even a Man Who is Pure of Heart," from the Journal of Human Relations. It is now available to everyone, at the rejuvenated

The piece argues that American horror films reflect fear and loathing of American militarism. "The history of the horror film, then, is the record of the American public’s uneasy groping toward an understanding of the repressed and unconscious forces which have made America the most feared nation in the world." Much else is asserted in this provocative essay.


Anonymous said...

This updated Rawilsonfans is a fantastic resource, I have been reading through the articles in chronological order; I find Raws articles even better than his published non-fiction books.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@Andrew, Many of my favorite RAW books consist of anthologies of some of his articles, e.g. The Illuminati Papers, Email to the Universe, Coincidance, etc.

Your point is well-taken. There are a great many really good articles and interviews that remain uncollected in books, hence the need for