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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

'Illuminati Papers' -- OK, what else?

Although I apparently did not notice it at the time, The Illuminati Papers was released as a ebook in January of this year -- making it the first RAW nonfiction book to be available on Kindle, aside from Everything is Under Control.

There needs to be more of this. John Higgs asked me recently on Twitter if more of RAW's books will be released as electronic books, and I answered that I have no inside information but that I have been told more are on the way. Higgs replied that releasing more RAW ebooks would make his work much more available in Great Britain, where his print books are hard to find.

Isn't that true of the U.S., as well? The biggest book chain, Borders, disappeared last year, but even when there were more physical bookstores, ILLUMINATUS! was just about the only book you could expect to find on a shelf. Whether people like it or not, the market is moving toward ebooks, and Robert Anton Wilson's work needs to be made widely available in that medium.


gacord said...

Hey Tom, I just noticed the other day that Schroedinger's, Illunimatus!, and Masks are also available in Kindle additions now.

fyreflye said...

Illuminatus! has been available for Kindle for some time. It's the books "owned" by New Falcon (and/or Original Falcon) that are still all paper. The currently available e-books are issued by other publishers. Since I assume RAW's daughter inherited the publication rights it should be up to her to push for a move to Kindle and Nook.

fyreflye said...

Looks like I found a small jackpot here:

Click the links to other books on this page. At least some have download links.

fyreflye said...

I should of course have mentioned that it's likely true that all the books for download from the site linked in my previous post are still under copyright protection and that downloading them is a violation of copyright law. By posting the link here I did not mean to encourage any illegal action.