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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Illuminati -- are they everywhere?

A newspaper in Nigeria, the National Mirror, reports — or should I say "reports," it's kind of hard to tell — that a controversial entertainer named Charly Boy had announced he is gay.

"Even as he made other disclosures about himself, he didn’t forget to add that he is the head of the Illuminati in Nigeria, the same Illuminati that people accuse Jay-Z, D’Banj and Don Jazzy of being members and they keep denying membership. While his audacious revelations might seem like a publicity stunt on his part, let’s not forget the popular saying ‘there’s no smoke with-out fire’. For Charly Boy to say all these things about himself there must be an element of truth in them."

A follow-up story, however, says that "the weird one" is denying the report and threatening to sue. There may be some confusion in Nigeria about who the Illuminati are -- the secondl story says he is denying being a member of the "musical cult group, illumination."

Hat tip, Jesse Walker.

When Jesse sent me this, I thought, "Man, Jesse manages to find the Illuminati everywhere."

I have other interests besides the topics covered in this blog.

Lately, for example, I have been immersing myself in early Byzantine history, by reading the The Wars of Justinian by Procopius. After I got Jesse's email,  I ran across this review of a book about Procopius by Anthony Kaldellis, a classics professor at The Ohio State University.

I haven't read the book yet, but it is apparently Kaldellis' opinion that Procopius was secretly a pagan (a dangerous opinion by the sixth century) and that there are hidden messages in his writing.

The reviewer, William Edmund Fahey, complains, "Too often, one has the impression that the final hermeneutic for reading a text remains rather arcane; as Kaldellis explains, 'Hidden truths can be safely discovered by future readers or by those who know how to look past the 'plaster' that lies on the surface' (25; cf., 37). This is a milieu where traditional historians will not be found among the illuminati."

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