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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Libertarian science fiction zine now online

The folks who award the Prometheus Award and the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, the Libertarian Futurist Society, have a newsletter that publishes book reviews, interviews with authors and so on.

Those zines used to be available only to members of the LFS (such as me), but now they are being digitized and posted online. Not all issues are available yet; the volunteers doing this still have some work to do.

As one might expect, there is some Robert Anton Wilson related material. This includes Jesse Walker's tribute to RAW (a reprint of an article also posted on Reason's Web site.) There is also "Robert Anton Wilson on the Illuminatus Saga" (Spring 1995, not yet posted), Robert Shea and RAW responding to the Hall of Fame Award being given to ILLUMINATUS! (Fall 1986, not yet posted, but see my reprint), a review of RAW's Natural Law (Summer 1987, not yet posted) and a review of RAW's The Earth Will Shake (Spring 1985, not yet posted.)

There are also articles which might interest many science fiction fans, not just libertarians. For example, William Stoddard is a consistently thoughtful reviewer. You can read his review of Jo Walton's Among Others, which just won the Nebula.

Jesse Walker weighs in.

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