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Friday, March 23, 2012

RAW on death

I've been reading a series of posts at The Oz Mix, based on Oz Fritz's belief that "Some part of us can survive death. We call that part a bardo voyager." Elsewhere, he refers to "the radical idea that some part of us can be educated to survive the death of the body." Oz is a sound engineer, and he had to pause the posts so he could go to Milan, Italy, to work with a band that includes Bernie Worrell and Bill Laswell, but he has promised to resume the series at some point.

There is a section in the "Sirius Rising" chapter of Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati, which Oz Fritz probably understands better than I do,  in which Wilson describes taking a "programmed trip," with interesting results:

"The Yogi entered Samadhi and believed, at last, that the wisdom of the adept is truly beyond the floating body-rapture of mere Hatha Yoga. Based on understand of and participation in a planet-wide Consciousness, Samadhi opens the neuro-atomic memory which is in all living beings, and in that dancing quantum energy mistaken called 'dead matter'."

A few graphs later:

"The Shaman lost all fear of death, knowing it to be literally impossible. He understood the wit of Yeats' fine line, 'Man has created death'."

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Oz Fritz said...

Thanks Tom!

I do plan to include more posts in the series but have to do another on music first.