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Thursday, March 1, 2012

RAW and Borges

I did not know that Robert Anton Wilson was particularly interested in Jorge Luis Borges, but Michael Johnson sets me straight in a recent blog post:

"For fellow Robert Anton Wilson scholars, he named Borges as an influential "experimental modern" writer, along with Joyce and Faulkner, in an interview with Charles Platt in 1983 or so. In a letter to his friend Kurt Smith, RAW compares Borges to Wilde and Yeats. (!) In his book Chaos and Beyond, he mentions Borges as "avante garde" along with Joyce and William S. Burroughs. In an issue of his magazine Trajectories RAW lumps Borges in with a large cast of guerrilla ontologists, tricksters, postmodernists and others he calls 'codologists.' "

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