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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An unusual lawsuit

Here is an unusual lawsuit, reported by the Courthouse News Service:

MANHATTAN (CN) - An American expatriate in Bulgaria claims the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Office of International Treasury Control and the Italian government conspired with a host of others to steal more than $1.1 trillion in financial instruments intended to support humanitarian purposes.

The 111-page federal complaint involves a range of entities common to conspiracy theorists, including the Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the "Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission," and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Plaintiff Neil Keenan claims he was entrusted in 2009 with the financial instruments - which included U.S. Federal Reserve notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds with a combined face value of $19 billion, and one U.S. "Kennedy" bond with a face value of $1 billion - by an entity called the Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families.

More here. 

The article says that Keenan is represented by William H.  Mulligan Jr., of the law firm Bleakley, Platt and Schmidt, located in White Plains, N.Y., who apparently is a real lawyer.  Neil Keenan's Facebook page is here.

Hat tip, John Merritt.


michael said...

Wow. Just the combo of the "Vatican Illuminati" AND the Dragon Family makes this one interesting.

As I read this, I was expecting Reptilian Alien Overlords, but apparently this one's legit.

Either that or someone's seriously off their meds?

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

You can see why I Googled the lawyer ...