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Thursday, March 8, 2012

RAW helps Little Victories rock

From time to time, I've noted rock musicians and rappers who cite Robert Anton Wilson as an influence. Here's another example, one that amused me, about an "up and coming" band in Glasgow, Scotland, named Little Victories. Here's the band's leader, Kev Sherry, talking about how the band acquired its requisite "bad boy" reputation:

The band themselves have courted controversy with their support of counter-culture figures like Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson but seem to enjoy the scandal.

Kev explains: “It’s the music that does the talking. If people want to freak out and believe we have put secret codes in the songs to corrupt teenage minds then fine. But at the end of the day it’s either a good song or it isn’t. That’s all we are concerned with.”

This philosophy seems to be serving the band well with regular radio play from the likes of Radio 1, Radio Scotland, Radio Clyde and a host of independent stations.

Laura explains: “The guys are known for being a wee bit out there. During the recording session, Kev kept ranting about how Neuro Linguistic Programming controls our minds. It was certainly interesting, if not quite something I believe myself.“

Entire article is here.

Traditionally, parents in the United States have worried about musicians slipping in reference to sex, drugs and violence. The moral panics in Scotland seem to be either more interesting or more sophisticated.

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