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Monday, March 12, 2012

Maintaining security in your secret society

OK, so you want to successfully carry out your conspiracy on behalf of the Illuminati (or the anti-Illuminati). How can you keep your secret society safe from prying enemies or the FBI? A new paper, "The Dining Freemasons," by two British computer scientists, suggests security protocols for secret societies. (Hat tip, John Merritt).


fyreflye said...

So sorry to read this. The FS Theater was one of the great products of L A stoners in the '60's
and as such never received the recognition they deserved.

fyreflye said...

Of course this comment was meant for Peter Bergman's death notice. Either I or Blogger are really messed up today.

michael said...

I don't think either you or Blogger were all that messed up at all, fyreflye. It's a well-known fact that many tried to infiltrate the Firesign Theater, get to the Head Honchos behind all the Shenanigans - and just couldn't make it. "I finally cracked Skull and Bones, but I never could get at the true brain trust of the Firesign," one quasi-well-known conspirator once said.

My favorite part of the PDF was the bit on steganography. YMMV.

What Is The Illuminati said...

I agree with fyrefly, they did deserve a little more credit.