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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robert Anton Wilson week at BOING BOING

BOING BOING is celebrating Robert Anton Wilson Week with a series of posts, all collected here. 

BOING BOING founder Mark Frauenfelder was first up, followed by Paul Krassner and Gareth Branwyn. BOING BOING is a very popular blog (and arguably the best blog out there -- if you aren't familiar with it, take your chance to get to know it). So the exposure is very good opportunity to expose a new generation of fans to Wilson's writings.

BOING BOING was a fanzine/magazine before it was a Web site, and the very first issue included an interview with RAW (which you can read via Mark's free anthology). PDF is here.

Meanwhile, Wednesday marked the fifth anniversary of RAW's death, as I noted earlier, and other RAW fans are taking note. Steven 'Fly' Pratt, on Twitter as @FLYAGARIC2019, has posted audio. Vincent Murphy Tweeted, "I was so privileged to study with Robert Anton Wilson before he died. Here he is amongst his favs Joyce &; Welles." (He's @ImVincentMurphy on Twitter).

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