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Sunday, January 15, 2012

RAW Week at BOING BOING continues with contributions from notables such as Lewis Shiner ("My Strange Evening with Robert Anton Wilson") and the Rev. Ivan Stang (of Church of the Subgenius fame).

Stang lives in the Cleveland area, where I also live; somehow, I still haven't met him. His piece offers a glimpse into Cleveland's counterculture. Shiner gives the story behind his interview with RAW, which I think is one of the best ever done.

Also: A tribute from a fan: "He played his part as a satiric old crank and I played mine of doe-eyed disciple."

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gacord said...

don't feel too bad, growing up in the DFW area in Texas I listened to the "MIGHTY" Rev. Stang every weekend "religiously" on KNON (the voice of the people) and i've never met him either.