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Monday, January 2, 2012

James Joyce podcast

Irish writer Frank Delaney, who lives in the U.S., does a weekly podcast on James Joyce's Ulysses. 


Unknown said...

Poldy Bloom-ing 'eck I've listened to many of these over the last 18 months. Ol Frank can be a tad garrulous and the pace oft excruciatingly slow, literally line by line - if you are in a hurry try every 12th episode where he does a more in depth 'background' podcast

Bobby Campbell said...

I've been listening to these over the last year as well, and can affirm Vincent's analysis!

The way FD telescopes in on the text is really quite awesome though, it's like a forensic examination. 5 minutes a week for a projected 22 years. That's something a bit beyond a deep reading!

He seems much more of a traditional/academic Joycean than I'm used to, (I like Joseph Campbell, RAW, McKenna, Mcluhan, etc) which is cool because he sees entirely different references and connections in the text.

He's particularly good at extracting the localisms. The things you wouldn't notice if you hadn't grown up in Ireland way back when, as he did.

I don't find them very entertaining to be honest, but the information is well worth enduring the presentation.

I tend to let a bunch of them build up (procrastination) and then listen all in one go.