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Friday, January 20, 2012

New No Governor posted

Issue No. 4 of Robert Shea's "No Governor" zine has been posted and can be accessed via the link under "Feature Articles and Interviews" on the right side of the page. There's a RAW article in it I'll write about next week.

That issue of "No Governor," dated Spring 1979, has an interesting bit of fannish continuity. In the zine reviews, it lists the zine "The Diagonal Relationship" and says, "Available for $1, letter of comment, trade, artwork or other plausible excuses from Arthur D. Hlavaty ... "

The offer may not still be open, but by coincidence, when I first began reading portions of  "No Governor" on Wednesday, I received, via email, Arthur Hlavaty's latest zine, "Nice Distinctions 22," which says, "The print version is available for $1 ($2 outside the USA), arranged trade, or letter of comment (e-mail counts)."

Mr. Hlavaty has not raised his price in 33 years, but you can get his electronic version for free. Download your copy here.


Eric Wagner said...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting this. The Wilson piece evolved into part of Prometheus Rising. The bit on pg. 24-25 about the economic crushing of the 60's counter-culture made me think of Pynchon's Vineland.

supergee said...

Thanks for the plug, and I'll return it. The Wilson article in No Governor opened my mind about a central flaw in libertarianism that I had not considered before. I recommend it to one and all.

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