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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another band cites RAW as an influence

An excerpt from an interview with Josh Hodges, from a band called STRFKR: (which at one point called itself Pyramid, and which uses Alan Watts samples in its music):

"Good mental exercise" is a smart way to put it.

Lately we've been doing stuff just to get a rise out of people, like using Illuminati symbols. I just read this book, Illuminatus, by Robert Anton Wilson, who was an intellectual. He was friends with Timothy Leary, and he and this friend wrote this book called Illuminatus and its kind of similar [to what we do]; they're making fun of stuff, but at the same time, a lot of what they are talking about they've experienced first hand, with the government framing Timothy Leary. Some people believe that Anton Wilson was a CIA agent, that he had been killed and replaced by a robot. Really insane shit. We've been using symbols on our Facebook. Some people freak out, and think we're a part of the conspiracy. Some kid put a comment like, "To be in the music business, you have to be in the Illuminati."

You think he was being serious?

He was totally serious. There's this theory that Jay Z and the Kanye are put in power by the Illuminati to distract because the subject matter is so trite, to keep people caught up on the wrong thing.