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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Intimate look at RAW

A  highlight of the ongoing RAW Week at BOING BOING: Mark Fraunfelder and Carla Sinclair interview Christina Pearson, Robert Anton Wilson's daughter (identified as Christina Wilson in the article). It's a very touching look at the day to day Robert Anton Wilson, and his devotion to his wife, Arlen.

A bit of news: Toward the end of the interview, Christina mentions that there were be major new RAW projects rolled out in the next year or so. No further details are offered.


Oz Fritz said...

Great interview! Thanks for posting.

michael said...

I was very moved by the interview with Christina too; what RAWphile doesn't wonder more about the private man?

Re: weirdos knocking at the door, etc: she said he'd never get any work done if that were allowed; I remember having to buzz in at the gate in order to get to his apartment in Capitola. Which seemed essential for a guy like him.

Was it just me or did she mention her brother in a past tense? Does anyone know if Graham is still alive?

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Michael: Graham Wilson is on Facebook (he is listed as a "friend" of Christina Pearson) and he seems to be OK. He continues to post on his wall.

BrentQ said...

It's great that Boing Boing is doing a RAW week. It's seems like like 5 years after his death people are starting to become more aware of RAW's importance as a public intellectual/writer.

Oz Fritz said...

A highlite of the interview for me was then they asked Christina what RAW had taught her, and her reply about questioning what she is most certain about because that's likely wrong.

Stuge said...

Would anyone happen to have this mp3 so that they could share it somewhere? All the links I found to the download unfortunately seem to be dead by now.