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Monday, October 3, 2011

H. P. Lovecraft's eldritch places

Robert Anton Wilson was a Lovecraft fan, and we're getting into the Halloween season, so here's a couple of links: Five places that helped inspire Lovecraft and a virtual walking tour of Lovecraft's Providence, Rhode Island.

ILLUMINATUS! has a scene (page 329 of the omnibus edition) in which Robert Putney Drake calls on Lovecraft in a house on Benefit Street. This may be either a mistake or a dramatic liberty; the Wikipedia entry on Lovecraft says that Lovecraft lived on Barnes Street until 1933; 135 Benefit Street is the address of "the shunned house," from the Lovecraft story. Does anyone know if Lovecraft ever lived on Benefit Street?


John Merritt said...

If this is a mistake, it is a quite reasonable one as biographical information of Lovecraft was still scarce when Illuminatus! was being written.

This is also another class of information that could be in reference book, i.e., clarifications of mistakes and (possibly deliberate?) errors in Illuminatus!

laptops said...

Really @John

mensajes movistar said...

Iluminati ??? What ???

Anonymous said...

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