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Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Free Love, Sexism and All That' by Robert Anton Wilson

Although the typography of the PDF is a bit of a struggle (the librarian had a bit of bother scanning the document) RAW's essay in the first issue of the zine "No Governor" is well worth reading. (Shea's anarchist zine is posted under "Feature Articles and Interviews" at the right side of this page.)

The article, on page 25 of the zine, is entitled "Free Love, Sexism and All That." Here is a good sentence from the article: "If you do not 'own' your genitals -- if the Church owns them, or any stronger person in the room owns them, or some 'irresistible impulse' owns them -- you do not possess anything like self-identity." Here is another good sentence: "To an anarchist aware of anarchist theory the issue remains clear:  Love is either free or coerced. The former represents anarchism and the latter represents tyranny."

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