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Monday, October 4, 2010

Right Where You Are Sitting Now

That's the name of a classic book of essays and short pieces by Robert Anton Wilson, of course, but it's also the name of a Web site in Britain, dedicated to articles and podcasts on "subculture, counterculture, alternative, occult, underground music."

The coincidence of names is no coincidence.

The editor at the site is a guy named Ken Eakins. A biography on the site explains, "Ken is an ‘almost-30-something’ from the UK with a lifelong passion for all things weird and subversive. Ever since inspiration was slammed into him from the pages of Robert Anton Wilson books at an early age, Ken has tried to view the world we live in by defining the map from the territory. This tends to help him keep a balanced view of the ‘world’ we live in, and generally see the funny side of life…as well as the weird one.

"Ken is only happy when he has about 100 things going on at once in his life, these include podcasting, doing a PH.d and a BA at the same time, playing in horribly loud bands, drinking too much, investigating the underbelly of society and shooting all over the place in his car trying to find interesting things to do."

I had to work this weekend, and I have a long commute to work, so I downloaded some of the podcasts and found them friendly and engaging. I haven't gotten to the two-hour Robert Anton Wilson podcast recorded last year (episode 23, of course), but I'll do that soon.

A link has been duly added to the "Resources" links on my site.

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