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Friday, October 8, 2010

More on Historical Illuminatus

We have had some discussion about Historical Illuminatus recently (see my post of Oct. 6, and also the reader comments) and I wanted to pass on a posting from another blog that I ran across a few days ago.

The Casting Shadows blog, which covers roleplaying games, had a recent posting about a game called All for One.

After discussing the role magick plays in the setting for the game, the blogger adds, "For an interesting take on that kind of world-to-come, half-way between the real and the imaginary, one would not go wrong to look at the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles by Robert Anton Wilson. Set slightly more than 1 century later than the game, it provides good insight into what kinds of attitudes, practices, secret societies, and levels of technology are yet to come. More than this, it demonstrates a method of storytelling which allows for the existence of magic and the existence of science, as well as an uneasy marriage between the two, with the revisionist power of the human mind over all. I think this shall prove very useful in helping GMs come up with methods of description, story seeds, and insight into the awe in which our forbears held the occult arts."

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