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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Douglas Rushkoff at Maybe Logic Academy

Writer Douglas Rushkoff, one of the more prominent modern writers influenced by Robert Anton Wilson, is teaching a course at the online Maybe Logic Academy inspired by Rushkoff's new book, Program or Be Programmed.

He explains, "Robert Anton Wilson and his crew set up an online academy for him to teach James Joyce and other subjects to those of us who thrived off his learning and insights. Before he died, he began to invite others to teach courses through the Maybe Logic Academy, and the site has lived on. I was honored to be asked to teach course based on my new book. It goes for ten weeks, and begins October 11. I'll be donating my proceeds to" More here.

Looks like I've missed the start of class, but I'll read the book soon. (bOING bOING, via Some Electronic Drugs.)

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