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Monday, October 18, 2010

A question

The version of The Earth Will Shake is the original Tarcher hardcover, and I noticed just now that the jacket cover copy describes the book as "the first in a trilogy." I had understood that Wilson had planned additional books; was it his original intention to write a trilogy, and did he in fact fulfill that by publishing Nature's God, even if he later planned to add more books?


quackenbush said...

we can mentally masturbate several scenarios.
a) it was marketing schtick.

b) he intended a trilogy and had so much fun, he decided to do more, but the poor luck with publishers killed his enthusiasm.

c) who knows, who cares.

d) Robert Anton Wilson is not my bitch.

Back when I noticed these things, I noticed that Wilson had a lot of ideas in the 90's that never came through as finished projects. Such is life.

Eric Wagner said...

I think he called the Historical Illuminati Series a trilogy until the third book came out.