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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A conversation in the con suite

As I was eating my lunch in the con suite at the World Fantasy Con, a gentleman next to me remarked about the fear mongering broadcast on Fox News about how a printer cartridge can be turned into a TERRORIST BOMB. (The guy remarked was true, but only in the sense that explosives could be packed into any box). The fellow remarked that the flashing "Alert" notices on Fox News seemed to perform the same function as "Fnord! Fnord! Fnord!" in ILLUMINATUS!

Naturally, this got my attention, and when I inquired further the man said he had read ILLUMINATUS! several times and also other works by Wilson.

I don't mention his name because he did not know when he was chatting with me that I was a journalist and a blogger. He mentioned that he likes to track climate change deniers and had once hacked into the computer of a professional denier, and read a price list for writing a book filled wiht falsehoods, an article filled with lies, etc. He insisted that climate change debunkers know that the science of global warming is true, but make a good living being funded by monied interests who seek to conceal the truth.

One gets into interesting conversations with Wilson fans.

Note: Original post edited for accuracy after I got an e-mail from the gentleman I quoted.

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