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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Encounter with a Pooka

The webtoon Trailer Park Warlock has an episode, "The First Law of All Magick." On Twitter, the writer and the artist for the cartoon, Matthew J. Rainwater, says, "This is a dedication (dare I say evocation) of the  works of Robert Anton Wilson.  It almost works as a standalone and gives you something of an idea of his general philosophy.  

"One of my favorites I've ever written."

You'll see discussion of topics such as "Who is the master who makes the grass green?"

The home page for Trailer Park Warlock shows 141 episodes so far. "Jake Baker, the working class warlock, struggles to make ends meet. But with the help of his friends and some down-home DIY magick, he might just keep chaos at bay, and pay his lot fees too..."

More information on Rainwater.


Anonymous said...

Good read. An animation of this kind could also be spectacular.

Spookah said...

I liked this a lot, always a pleasure to see a fellow Pookah popping up!
Thanks for the link, Tom.