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Friday, November 11, 2022

Apuleius Charlton's bibliography of recommended magic books

At his blog, Jechidah, Apuleius Charlton has a new post up to answer a question posed by Spookah, "Apuleius, I feel curious, which other books would you consider essential reading for anyone interested in magic”?

About 33 books are listed, in three categories: "How Can Anyone Believe This Shit?," "Practical Magic (You Already Know It) and "Some Discretion Needed."

When I visited him in August, Apuleius told me his biggest magic influences are William Blake, Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Moore, and all of these folks are represented in the list.

There's also a photo of one of Apuleius' bookshelves. I love bookshelf photos; if you download the photo and blow it up, you can read many of the titles, and try to figure out why Apuleius has two copies of Somnium, the wonderful fantasy novel by Steve Moore. 



Hugh said...

Rral nice shelf, AC. We should do a “bookshelves of RAW fans” photo post. I bet there are lots of beautiful shelves like Apuleius’ among us.

Rarebit Fiend said...

My hardcover of Somnium is signed and was getting worn down by repeated rereads. Not to mention the state of the peacock plume I used at its bookmark. The softcover has a new afterword by Alan as well.