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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

More images at 'RAW Experimental'

Brian Dean has continued to add new images to RAW Experimental, his new site for producing new images of Robert Anton Wilson, using filters and AI on existing images. A new post at his RAW Semantics site  provides an update on what's going on: "I’ve added more images since the Maybe Day launch (July 23rd). The bigger your screen, the better, since you can then fully appreciate the difference between the original images and the upscaled versions. The case studies show plenty of before/after comparisons. See also the galleries for upscaled RAW images and filter effects applied to those high-resolution images. I’m also going to be adding a visual ‘memes’ section (when I get around to it), so stay tuned…"

With Brian's permission, I have switched out the image on this website to a "Cyberpunk comic-book" image from his website; for information about permissions, see the bottom of the "About" section. 

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