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Friday, September 30, 2022

Hilaritas posts 1989 RAW video


Hilaritas Press has posted a YouTube video of Robert Anton Wilson speaking at a 1989 conference on brain machines. 

"Hawk Ridge Productions" is Phil Farber's company, and Mr. Farber is the source of the video, Rasa explains.

"Phil and Djenába sponsored the Brain Machine Symposium in 1989, and recorded RAW’s presentation. The video is pretty rough, and Phil explains in the beginning about how the tech was not quite up for the event, but I cleaned up the audio as much as possible, and there was even a 3 minute segment in the middle where the audio was out of sync with the video – I fixed that," Rasa told me. 

"It’s a very cool video altogether because of the info," he said. 

The video is part of a new Special Hilaritas Press Presentations playlist Rasa has just created at YouTube. 

More information and credits for the video are here. 

1 comment:

Rasa said...

What first attracted me to this video was Joshua Fontany's transcription of the beginning where RAW presents the concept of, "Come-on, Put-on, Squawk and Press-on." I'm still curious as to whether this was an idea of RAW's, or did he get it from somewhere else. In any case, I already used the idea online when responding to someone who diverted the intention of a post of mine. I explained that I was not in favor of his "Put-on," and my response was to, "Squawk!."

Not sure if that worked or not, but it was fun to explain the squawk.