Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Supergee, Discordian activist (promoted from the comments)

Although I knew that Arthur Hlavaty, aka Supergee, had been involved with the Golden APA, I did not realize he had been a Discordian activist and produced Discordian business cards until I put up Sunday's blog post about Adam Gorightly's cache of Discordian materials. To my surprise, Arthur responded by putting up a comment: "In case you didn't know, those cards were one of my contributions to OM."

I put up comments asking for more information and sent Arthur an email, pointing out that this was cultural history and he couldn't just say, "Oh yeah, I did that" and wander off to the con suite for more bheer*. He obliged with a followup comment: "I read Illuminatus! when it appeared in 1975, and when I was trying to get up the nerve to do a zine of my own. I finally did so on 5/5/77. I started the Illuminatus! Nut Cult shortly thereafter because no one else had done it. Sometime around then, I got the idea for the cards. As is probably obvious they were technologically primitive, done on a typewriter (you remember typewriters), with little star stickers. Later I did a more modern version, designed by that excellent fan artist and underappreciated novelist Alexis Gilliland. If I can find one, I'll send it to you."

Can't wait.

* Fannish spelling of the word "beer." Arthur is a famous fan, so one assumes he doesn't drink mere beer, assuming he drinks at all.


Arthur Hlavaty said...

I have to say I think of myself less as "Discordian activist" than as "guy doing schtick." The trilogy gave me lots of Good to Think With, and I fell right in with the Discordian love of paradox, versions of the Cretan Liar, etc.

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