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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Adam Gorightly on RAW's last days

Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of Robert Anton Wilson's death Adam Gorightly marked it with a sad piece on RAW's last days that also is inspiring in places. Excerpt:

No one living or dead has had such an effect on me, before or since, and I’m now long enough in the tooth that probably no one else will ever be of such influence again. Oh to be young and happen upon Cosmic Trigger or The Illuminatus! Trilogy and have your mind blown in a particularly positive direction!

Like a lot of my contemporaries, RAW came into our lives at an important imprint juncture, and certainly saved more than a few of us from early ruin. These sentiments have been shared with me—on more than one occasion—by friends who were at a critical turning point when RAW miraculously appeared in their lives in the form of one of his great books, thus re-imprinting their perceptions of the world. Or more precisely, he provided them the tools and impetus to re-imprint and reprogram themselves.

Lots of other interesting stuff lately at Historia Discordia.

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Eric Wagner said...

I remember getting an email about Bob's passing at the beginning of teaching a tenth grade honors English class. I read them "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" in his honor.

I wonder what Bob would make of 2014. He would probably laught at the people who thought President Obama would really change things, and I think he would take delight in legal marijuana in Colorado. (Kudos to Mike Gathers who several years ago pointed out Colorado's advanced thinking about legalization compared to backwards California.)