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Friday, September 20, 2013

'Find the others'

One of the most important features of this blog, at least for me, is that it has helped me "find the others," in Timothy Leary's phrase. When I was in college in the 1970s (University of Oklahoma) I read Illuminatus! for the first time and met libertarians on campus who also had read the book. But since then, except for contacts with with old friends from OU, I can't remember interacting with other RAW fans.

I have found it very gratifying that because of this blog, I have met other RAW fans. I hope this blog has been a vehicle for some of the rest of you to find the others, too.

In connection with that, here is a fine illustration of Timothy Leary's "find the others" rap from Zen Pencils.


Bobby Campbell said...

I love that Zen Pencils "Find The Others" comic. That guy does beautiful work!

This blog is my fav RAW beacon.

The dedication to both consistency & quality is really extraordinary.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!

PQ said...

I stop by here just about everyday to "find the others". And it was this blog that really got me into the great Timothy Leary's work, for that I'm very thankful.

gacord said...

I hit the page everyday, too. I remain amazed and inspired at how active you keep it. When I first read Illuminatus! (~23 yrs ago) and was subsequently hooked and read every RAW book I could find (usually at Half Price Books) there were very few people I knew that had even heard of him. I've enjoyed the interactions with all the folks that come to this blog and it's very encouraging to see/meet so many more (and the numbers seem to be growing!)

Illiaminated said...

I have only very recently found your blog and it's become one of the handful of pages i check daily. I love that you update it every day and i love that you attract regular commentary from your readers.

I find it disappointing that RAW is not more widely read, his articulation of the tenets of general semantics has literally changed the way I communicate and process information.

So to be able to have my two cents with a bunch of people who know who he is, is an opportunity i greatly appreciate.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thank you, everyone. I would probably have quit the blog long ago but for the people I've met.

Rob Pugh said...

And a hat tip to you, sir.