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Monday, September 2, 2013

Coincidance Discussion

UPDATE: The reading schedule has been updated. Please see the Sept. 9 post.

Let's get the Coincidance discussion going on Sept. 16. Here are some suggestions on how to proceed -- as always, I welcome your suggestions and comments.

I'm going to suggest reading the book over 10 weeks. That's a pace that seemed to work OK for Masks of the Illuminati. My New Falcon edition is 248 pages, so it works out to 24 pages a week, and of course with a collection of short pieces it's easy for everyone to drop in and drop out, according to their interest in the varied subjects Wilson addresses.

A proposed schedule:

Week One: "Fore-Words" and "Synchronicity and Isomorphism in Finnegans Wake."

Week Two: "Werewolf Bridge," "The Motherfucker Mystique," "Mammary Metaphysics."

Week Three: "Jazz Haiku," "How to Read/How to Think," "How to Read/How to Think Afterwords"

Week Four: "Shrapnel," "Why Do You Live in Ireland, Dr. Wilson?" "The Poet As Defense Early Warning Radar System," "Death and Absence in Joyce."

Week Five: "Introduction to Three Articles from THE REALIST," "The Doctor with the Frightened Eyes," "Thirteen Choruses for the Divine Marquis."

Week Six: "The Married Catholic Priests Convention," "Self-Reflexive Surrealist Haiku," "The Godfathers and the Goddess," "The Physics of Synchronicity."

Week Seven: "Semper as Oxhousehumper,"

Week Eight: "Interview with Sean MacBride," "Religion for the Hell of It."

Week Nine: "Comix and Cut-Ups," "No Waters in Cherry Valley by the Testicles."

Week Ten: "Shrapnel," "The Hidden Variables."

I might do more than one entry per week, particularly during weeks that feature wildly different pieces. The titles sound pretty interesting, do they not? It's a good book, I'll enjoy re-reading it.

The book is still on sale at New Falcon, but for those of you who aren't flush, there's always the used book market or libraries or interlibrary loan.


Eric Wagner said...

Sounds good. I would like to do it even slower, but 24 pages a week sounds ok.

phodecidus said...

I will try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Would you guys prefer if we stretched it out to 12 weeks?

Eric Wagner said...


"Slowness is beauty." - Laurence Binyon

"Only sequoias are slow enough. - Ezra Pound