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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Introducing Klaas Pieter van der Tempel

So a few days ago, Andrew Crawshaw writes to me and points out a document that Nick Helweg-Larsen pointed him to: A master's thesis by a guy named Klaas Pieter van der Tempel on Joseph Campbell and Robert Anton Wilson.

I did a Google search for the author and found his High Programming website. Click "Essays" and you'll  find the aforementioned master's thesis, and several other documents, including a piece of Aleister Crowley, an analysis of RAW's Quantum Psychology, articles on modern physics and Wilhelm Reich, an article on Timothy Leary, and a free ebook, Pause, Play: A Higher Consciousness Handbook. I have not had time to read much of this yet, but the master's thesis looked interesting when I skimmed it. I'll be reading more soon.

1 comment:

Drew said...

Nice find. I never thought about searching for the author, but there you go. It is good that he has quite a lot of his stuff up for free.