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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Various links

I did not know that Thomas Paine suggested a basic income guarantee. But Michael Johnson knew. 

Michael (on a hot streak lately) also talks about a possible Pynchon movie.  And here is Michael on how visuals alter listeners' appreciation of music. ("It has always been quite an 'open secret' that the coolest-looking guitarist will always be more impressive to the fans than the guy who is not all that attractive but plays circles around the cool looking dude.")

Speaking of Pynchon, hey, take that, well-reviewed recluse! (For context, go here.)

The AP on the Leary papers collection going public.  The article answers the main question I had: "For now, the library has no plans to make the archive available online."

Van Gogh fake not a fake. Hat tip, Ted Hand.

Oz Fritz continues his series about Aleister Crowley, and brings Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary into the discussion.

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