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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Housekeeping and links

I've added some new links under "Feature Articles and Interviews" for the latest original articles and republished 'lost' RAW articles featured recently on this blog, including five RAW letters to Green Egg magazine, Wilson and Shea's article on crime and anarchist, Jesse Walker on his new book and Nick Mennuti on his new book.

A few links:

The lies behind this war by Justin Raimondo.

Michael Johnson on the looming war with Syria.  ("This invention of a "red line" that Assad wasn't to step over or the world-straddling Cop On The Beat Unistat will retaliate? It's fucking phony and misses the whole point. Once dropping bombs on civilians from planes was crossing a red line.")

Reading a river passage in Finnegans Wake (by PQ)

Journalist faces 105 year for posting a link. (True, threatening an FBI agent's family on YouTube was certainly a mistake).

RIP science fiction writer Fred Pohl.

Bruce Schneier on how to protect yourself from NSA surveillance (if  you're a total nerd, I guess. Gary Acord understands all this stuff, I don't.)


Eric Wagner said...

Thanks for sharing about Fred Pohl's passing. I saw him win his Hugo for Gateway at the first World Con I attended in Phoenix in 1978. I also really enjoyed his autobiography and his collaborations with Cyril Kornbluth.

gacord said...

total nerd? gee thanks. btw, where he says "air gap" I've always called it "sneakernet" but that, I think, is from back with ethernet was "cool."

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Total nerd is a compliment. I've never achieved more than "nerd wanna be."