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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Conspiracy theory TV show launches today

Zero Hour, a new TV show on the ABC network in the U.S., airs its first episode tonight. It's about the editor of a magazine called Modern Skeptic who stumbles into a long running effort by the Rosicrucians to hide a Big Secret from people who shouldn't get their hands on it (such as the Nazis.) The plot about a CSICOP-type person becoming involved with a secret conspiracy sounds like a nod to Robert Anton Wilson, but I have no proof, so I won't elevate that observation into a conspiracy theory of my own. The show stars Anthony Edwards from ER, who has avoided TV series but agreed to give Zero Hour a go after reading the oddball script.


michael said...

Cool. Maybe 5% of the audience will go to the library and try to figure out the occult meaning of the Rose and Cross?

Anthony Edwards starred in the 1988 film Miracle Mile (an area of Los Angeles near LACMA), about nuclear end of the world. It's a cult fave.

Roman said...

Weird...I happen to know Anthony ("Tony") Edwards. My daughter and his daughter are big friends from a prior school, and we all hang out once in a while. I'll ask him about this TV show next time I see him. He also plays Lawrence Ferlinghetti in the upcoming Big Sur movie, which looks like it might actually not suck like most other Kerouac-based flicks (trailer: