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Friday, February 8, 2013

'Hippie physicists' at it again

Nick Herbert and Jack Sarfatti, two of the hippie physicists described in David Kaiser's How the Hippies Saved Physics and Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger 1,  still believe that sending signals faster than light may be possible. (Kaiser's book describes how they pursued it and laid the groundwork for quantum cryptography instead.)

The latest proposal for FTL signaling comes from Demetrios Kalamidas, described by Herbert as a physicist who "who has a degree from CCNY and is currently working at New York nanotech company Raith USA."

Herbert explains the proposal here. Sarfatti discusses it here and here.

Sarfatti writes, "This may be a historic event of the first magnitude if the Fat Lady really sings this time and shatters the crystal goblet. On the Dark Side this may open Pandora's Box into a P.K. Dick Robert Anton Wilson reality with controllable delayed choice precognition technology. ;-)"

And he writes, "This technology, if it were to work is as momentous as the discovery of fire, the wheel, movable type, calculus, the steam engine, electricity, relativity, nuclear fission & fusion, Turing machine & Von Neumann's programmable computer concept, DNA, transistor, internet ..."

A big if, but it's interesting that they are excited. I don't pretend to understand the physics.

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