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Monday, February 4, 2013

23 signs you read too much RAW

From a post at Disinformation:

1. You like to dine on golden apples and lasagna that has flown over Bologna.

2. You have Lawn Gnomes of Zurich out front on the porch.

3. You sign your name with “fnord” at the end.

4. You got into a heated argument with the staff of about the correct way to spell “coincidence”.

5. You wish you were shorter so you could change your name to Markoff.

6. Is that a reefer I see in your hand? Yeah, I thought so.

7. You can say “sumbunall” without hesitating or blushing.

8. Whenever you put off cleaning for too long you get the feeling that dust bunnies are conspiring to use mind control on you.

9. You have had an OOBE (out-of-book experience).

10. You get anonymous letters from Fernando Poo discussing the relevance of Egyptian Mouth Breeders in James Joyce’s Ulysses and actually understand it.

11. You keep your Pope Card in a Marx Brothers reliquary.

12. You can’t understand why all those street signs name a Buddhist monk (or why you run over so many people at crosswalks and in parking lots).

13. Some nights, you have to count Jumping Jesuses to get to sleep.

14. You go to costume parties in an Illuminati mask.

15. You’re afraid to let your cat out of the house at night for fear it might cause trouble in alternate universes.

16. Things don’t start looking normal until after you’ve tried LSD.

17. Your bomb shelter is a yellow submarine and serves as your summer home.

18. You wake up screaming, “Ewige Blumencraft!”

19. You like to be your own impostor.

20. You find you’ve been tattooed with the message “Property of the Illuminati.”

21. You suspect your cat may be a mole for the Secret Order of the Assassins when you find a dagger hidden under its litter box.

22. You go to Mad Dog, Texas for cheap thrills.

23. You make lists that are 23 items long; no more, no less.

I got this, by the way, via the Robert Anton Wilson community at Google Plus; I don't know if it's new or just new to me. I've added a link to it under "Resources" if you want to check it out or join it.