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Sunday, February 3, 2013

James Joyce birthday roundup

Saturday was Joyce's birthday, but perhaps the gala weekend celebration (Gaelic weekend celebration?) can be continued to note some of the Internet posts I noticed.

At Robert Anton Wilson fans on Facebook, Roman Tsivkin writes, "James Joyce was born on 2/2/1882. 2+2+1+8+8+2 = 23. Of course, of course." Lots of discussion of the new online Finnegans Wake reading group over there, too.

Here is a post on classic book covers updated for modern times (from where I got the image for this post.) Hat tip, Supergee.

Open Culture points to the excellent audiobook download of Ulysses on its site and to its other Joycean offerings.

PQ has a new post up at his new Finnegans Wake blog.  Oldie but goodie: PQ on "16 Reasons Why James Joyce is the Greatest Writer Ever."

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PQ said...

Thanks as always for sharing my work.

I'm also going to have to make a very strong recommendation here, a blog called "Groupname for Grapejuice" began recently and has featured plenty of thought-provoking streams of synchronicity thoughts.

His latest on Joyce is a must-read: