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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Man in the High Castle' miniseries planned

I don't know when we get the Illuminatus! miniseries, but apparently a miniseries is in the works for Philip K. Dick's classic novel, The Man in the High Castle, which won the Hugo Award in 1963 and impressed me mightily as a teenager.

Details are scarce so far, but apparently it's going to air on the Syfy Channel. Or as New York Times staffer Dave Itzkoff writes "No air date or casting information was immediately announced for 'The Man in the High Castle,' but feel free to consult the I Ching while waiting for further developments."


yobar said...

I hope they do it right. I love these alt-history stories and this one would definitely make a good miniseries.

Unknown said...

I was just recently thinking some1 should film man in high castle (Which I've yet to read, even tho an I Ching user for more than 20 years). I eagerly await it! PKD does well in film, for some strange reason. Thanx for posting this!