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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What happens to Timothy Leary's ashes?

I guess I didn't follow the articles about the death of noted film director Tony Scott closely enough. Nick Helweg-Larsen wrote to me to point out that Scott kept Timothy Leary's cremated ashes in a bathroom.

I ran searches to confirm the tip found several references to that. For example, here is an article in a British newspaper: "He kept his friends close, sometimes even after death. Tony inherited the ashes of long-time pal and LSD guru Timothy Leary, keeping them in the toilet of his Beverly Hills home."

So what happens to the ashes now?


Anonymous said...

I think Scott was executor of Leary's Estate.

Anonymous said...

I read that 9 grams where sent up into space as well.

Anonymous said...

Leary's last-minute decision to abandon his cryonics arrangements was a tragedy that should not have been allowed to happen. By that time he was clearly senile.