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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Robert Anton Wilson in 1956

(Photo credit: Estate of Alfred Korzybski).

The photograph, above, is reprinted on this blog with the permission of Bruce Kodish, literary executor for the late Alfred Korzybski. It depicts a 1956 seminar workshop on General Semantics, almost certainly in the New York City area. And at this point, I'm guessing that many of you have figured out why I have the picture posted here. Mr. Kodish says that Robert Anton Wilson is the gentleman sitting on the ground, on the far left. (Click on the photo to make it bigger.)

Korzybski had a very strong influence on Wilson's own philosophy, as we know from reading his books. My thanks to Jesse Walker for passing this on. (Mr. Walker is hard at work on the RAW-related chapter of his upcoming new book, The United States of Paranoia, available next year. More on the book here.)  And thank you to Mr. Kodish for letting me post the photo.