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Friday, August 17, 2012

Early 'Principia Discordia'

On Twitter, Jesse Walker shares this link, remarking, "The original 1965 edition of the PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA. Basically a different book than the one that circulates now." I can't seem to figure out how to see more than the first couple of pages; am I doing something wrong?

UPDATE: Jesse explains in the comments how to access the rest of the document.


Laynd said...

Principia Discordia en español:

Jesse said...

You have to skip the "Contents" link and instead manually enter

John Higgs said...

Interesting stuff. Is that really from the House Select Committee on Assassination JFK Collection, as the labelling suggests? And if so, could it be one of the original copies produced by Thornley on Jim Garrison's photocopier (according to Adam Gorightly's Thornley book?)

I assumed not because the code "HSCA RG233" obviously makes that 'JFK Collection' label look like a Discordian put-on. But googling around on it seems that the House Select Committee on Assassinations really did use the code RG233, so maybe..?