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Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Was missing pilot snatched by aliens?'

If you don't have enough conspiracy theories involving terrestrial players to worry about, you can always wonder what the off-planet "folks" are up do. "Was missing pilot snatched by aliens?" is the headline for an article at, Jack Sarfatti's Web site.

"RUMOURS a RAF Binbrook pilot was abducted by aliens have been published in newly-released Government files on UFOs.

"Reports describe how Capt William Schaffner was never seen again after his Lightning plane merged with a UFO over the North Sea on September 8, 1970. A second later the UFO is said to have sped off travelling at more than 20,000mph."

Lots of other unusual stuff at, too.

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michael said...

I'm still wondering what happened with the Simonton pancakes.