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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ILLUMINATUS! further study

Yesterday's posting prompts me to pose a question, and supply a partial answer. If you are a Wilson fan who is particularly a fan of the ILLUMINATUS! trilogy, where do you go to deepen your understanding of that novel?

In a sense, everything Wilson wrote after ILLUMINATUS! can be read as a sequel or prequel (in the case of the novels) or as an extension of the appendix. Still, I have a few suggestions.

Michael Johnson's article is useful. Eric Wagner's An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson has two good articles that focus on the trilogy, one on the role of Kabbalah, and the other a timeline of events. Among RAW's own works, I would particularly suggest Cosmic Trigger I: The Final Secret of the Illuminati and The Illuminati Papers.


Anonymous said...

Your link points to "A Surefire Roadmap to Success." It needs a 4 at the end.

michael said...

I think Johnson once said his "Surefire Roadmap to Success" was deeply imbedded with code about Illuminatus!, as some sort of "tribute by an exegete."

I don't know, but I never saw it myself. I can read "Surefire Roadmap to Success" over and over, and damn if I don't see hundreds of references to Gravity's Rainbow. And what's with Johnson's pen name here?

Anyone got any leads?

I find Wagner far more lucid than Johnson. There's GOT to be someone better than "Johnson," if you know what I mean.

Eric Wagner said...

Well, I find Dr. Johnson's insights invaluable.

I did try to make the appedices to Insider's Guide a lucid dream of the missing appendices to Illuminatus!

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Link is fixed. Sorry Michael!

saunterer said...

Could you give me some basic idea on how exactly does the ILLUMINATUS! timeline look like? I was totally looking for something like that and I wonder if the Insider's Guide is worth buying just for the timeline :).

Eric Wagner said...

The timeline takes up about 15 pages of the book. I had fun writing it. When I would come across a date in Illuminatus! I would add it, as well as other Wilsonian dates I encountered. The timeline also emphasizes references to the planet Saturn, since this appendix corresponds to the Hebrew letter Tav.