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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reality outpaces satire

It must be hard to be a satirist in today's world. The boldest satire can't keep pace with current events.
An Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria has claimed responsibility for setting off a bomb that killed 18 people.

The group's original leader, Mohammed Yusuf, rejected the idea that the world is round because the contention is not Islamic. Further Islamic wisdom from Mr. Yusuf is not available, as he died in police custody, "officially as he was trying to escape." The group, Boko Haram, originally rejected guns as too Western and carried bows and arrows instead, but a massacre by the Nigerian army convinced the group it needed a weapons upgrade.

Meanwhile, in domestic news, the U.S. federal government is insisting that trucking companies are obligated to allow admitted alcoholics to work as truck drivers.

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michael said...

Bravoooo! T-Jack! Channeling his inner Mencken?

Distinguished Honorable House Representa-you-know,

I feel it is incumbent upon you to allow my trucking company to hire more drunks, as they really ain't that bad a drivers and besides, .08 isn't even BUZZED, dude!


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