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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Timothy Leary interview posted

Jesse Walker has posted the interview with Timothy Leary that I have mentioned a couple of times in the last few days, the one that demonstrates the influence of Leary's thought on Robert Anton Wilson, particularly in the 1970s. (Compare Leary's attacks on Bob Dylan with RAW's comments in the New Libertarian Notes interview.)

Walker's posting, on the Reason Hit and Run blog, also has other interesting stuff, including a link to Jeff Riggenbach's new article about Leary and links to reviews of Robert Greenfield's Leary biography by Nick Gillespie and Walker himself (in both cases, the reviewers are more sympathetic to Leary than his biographer.) Finally, Walker links to an article about Leary by Brian Doherty. Wilson scholars will recognize Doherty's name; Doherty's definitive history of modern libertarianism, Radicals for Capitalism, has a chapter that discusses Robert Anton Wilson's political views.

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