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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aldiss and RAW

I always enjoy seeing connections between my favorite authors. Years ago, I attended a panel discussion at a science fiction convention that featured two personal favorites of mine, George Alec Effinger and Kim Stanley Robinson. The two shook hands before the panel, and I remember wondering if they liked each other's work, and if the panel was the first time they had met.

I've enjoyed science fiction writer Brian Aldiss for a long time. He's a wonderful short story, and also very adept with novels (perhaps my favorite of the latter is The Malacia Tapestry. So I am intrigued that some of RAW's books have the following quote from Aldiss on the cover, concerning RAW: "Here is genius with a G!" It's from a review published in the Guardian.

Searching on the Internet suggests that it was a review of Sex & Drugs -- A Journey Beyond Limits. Does anyone have any other information, such as how I could read the actual review?


supergee said...

What the blurbs quote Aldiss as saying is "Here is genius with a Gee!" I suspect he was being ironic, but it's one of the inspirations for my username anyway.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...
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Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

If I can get a copy of the review, perhaps we can all learn what Aldiss really meant. It's hard to tell from the suspiciously short quote.

I remember an incident years ago where Tom Shales, the Washington Post TV critic, panned a new show, I think on NBC, writing something to the effect, "NBC has done it again, in the sense that it is offering yet another mediocre show ... "

This appeared in print ads as, "NBC has done it again!" Tom Shales, The Washington Post.