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Friday, May 27, 2011

RAW expert launches new blog

R. Michael Johnson has launched a new blog, Overweening Generalist. . Follow the link to "My Articles at Suite 101" for more writing, including a piece on the ILLUMINATUS! trilogy.

At the top of the page, he explains, "The Overweening Generalist is largely about people who like to read fat, weighty "difficult" books - or thin, profound ones - and how I/They/We stand in relation to the hyper-acceleration of digital social-media-tized culture. It is not a neo-Luddite attack on digital media; it is an attempt to negotiate with it, and make claims for the role of generalist intellectual types in the scheme of things."

There must be something to this digital culture vs. books meme, because so much ink (and so many pixels) are devoted to it, although it doesn't work this way for me -- I still read plenty of books, and my favorite blogs, as a rule, are written by serious readers. No doubt I'll have plenty to think about after I work my way through Michael's blog posts.

1 comment:

michael said...

Very kind of you, T-Jack! But: anyone who has read Cosmic Trigger vol 3 closely should see the word "expert" and adopt an appropriate leeriness, if not Leary-ness.

(Sneak-teasy preview for readers of there will be much more RAW content there in the future.)