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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cartoonist Chester Brown

The AV Club runs an interview with cartoonist Chester Brown, who is busy promoting his new book, Paying For It. It looks like it could be an interesting book. As I've admitted, I do a poor job of following cartoonists.

Here's the part directly relevant to this blog:

AVC: What’s shaped your politics over time? What made you gravitate towards Libertarianism?
CB: Hmm. [Pause.] I can explain the process, I think. I suppose I’ve always been kind of distrustful of government, y’know, as a leftist in my 20s, and an anarchist in my 30s, and a libertarian in my 40s. Even as a leftist in my 20s, I was still coming at my political beliefs from a kind of distrust of government. Although it’s hard to explain why that would result in my being a leftist. [Laughs.] Do you know the writer Robert Anton Wilson? I suppose I first read about Libertarianism when I started reading him in my late 20s. So even though he didn’t shift me into being a Libertarian, he did have that paranoia about government, or certainly a distrust of government. So that was probably a big early influence on how I thought about politics.

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