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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wilson and the KLF

monkeysaloon, a blog devoted to "revitalising NLP, one idea at a time," ran a long post on Monday entitled "RAW THOUGHTS," which is worth reading all the way through for the comments on the number 23 meme and other topics.

The biggest surprise to me, though, was the assertion that the KLF, an electronica group I used to see occasionally on MTV's "120 Minutes," was a band that "entirely appropriated its mythology from ILLUMINATUS!"

I never paid much attention to the band and never made that connection. I can't remember ever seeing RAW mention the band in any interview. The Wikipedia article on the KLF, however, goes into great detail about this. I guess I have some listening to do.

Here is an article on "The KLF and ILLUMINATUS!"

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